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About Us | Subscription Planters & Window Box Service

Closeup of Summer Planters against a white brick wall
Colorful Summer Planters in front of a wall that says "Striving to Make The World A More Beautiful, Enjoyable Place To Live"

About Us | Subscription Planters & Window Box Service

Mission Flower

We Are

Enliven Planters is an innovative, subscription gardening service that brings joy and beauty to homeowners by creating affordable, seasonal planters and window boxes.

Elevated Design

You won't find anything resembling our unique design aesthetic at your local garden center or big box store, yet we are far more affordable than a high-end personal gardener. Our narrow focus on planters and window boxes has allowed us to hone our expertise and provide top-tier design for unmatched value.

Sourcing Quality Ingredients

We source our plant material from growers with the highest standards of excellence. These hardworking nurserymen are true masters of their craft, and each season we have them grow an eclectic mix of plant varieties specifically for our designs. We have tinkered tirelessly with our custom blend potting mix and have finally settled on the perfect formula. Add in a scoop of our extended release fertilizer, and you have a recipe for success.

Summer Window Box Arrangement with green plants

Ties It All Together

We are extraordinarily proud of the team we have assembled at Enliven. Each member of the Enliven team has a background in horticulture, design, or the fine arts. Their natural talents paired with our meticulous training and design standards ensure that your planters and window boxes are in great hands. These young men and women all have boatloads of charisma, and we hope you get to chat with them as they deliver your arrangements!


A Free Design Consultation

Please fill out the form below to request a design consultation. Consults are free of charge and typically only take 10-15 minutes. We just want to meet you in person, gauge the sun and shade conditions on your property, and hear about any personal preferences you may have.

During this time all consultations will be done over the phone. In the case that someone from our team needs to take measurements of your planters or window boxes, we will notify you first and will follow all social distancing guidelines.

Currently Serving the Greater Philadelphia Area