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The Prelude to Spring Planting

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As the anticipation for spring builds with the first unexpected warm day in February, our groundwork for the upcoming planting season is already well underway. This period of preparation is critical, blending meticulous planning with an understanding of the unpredictable nature of weather. Here, we delve into the rigorous process that precedes the bloom of spring, emphasizing the many steps taken to ensure a successful planting season!

When to Plant

The journey towards a vibrant spring landscape for Enliven begins almost a year in advance. This early start is not just about anticipation but a necessity driven by the complex nature of plant cultivation and design. Monitoring weather patterns plays a crucial role in this phase. Weather watching becomes our pastime because, despite the itch to plant the moment the sun peeks out, we’ve learned that patience pays off.

We wait for that golden 10-day forecast in April to really get going, especially around Philadelphia, where winter likes to linger with surprise frosts.

Plant Selection

Long-term planning extends to relationships with suppliers, ensuring access to unique plant varieties and consistent quality. We pre-book custom plants nearly a year in advance! By coordinating with growers from the Pacific Northwest, Canada, and Florida, we can bring in evergreens and ensure that annuals are colorful and ready to bloom upon installation.
Our goal is to deliver plants that are tight and budded, maximizing display time and enjoyment for our clients.

Pre-Season Prep

But it’s not all about the plants. Making sure our gear is in tip-top shape is just as crucial. From tuning up the trucks to sharpening our tools and fixing those pesky irrigation lines, we’re on it – particularly planning for cold snaps. We set up frost protection measures and organize the warehouse to accommodate plants during unexpectedly chilly nights, so your plants aren’t in any danger.

The Team

None of this would work without our fantastic crew. The nursery team focuses on shop layout and plant care refreshers, ensuring that they are ready to receive and care for the incoming plants. The Design team reviews new plant cultivars and updates to design guidelines, ensuring that our creations remain innovative and appealing. Gardeners, the hands-on force behind our operations, refresh their skills with practical exercises and review essential protocols for driving and safety.

The Final Countdown

Gardeners begin the crucial task of spring cleanouts during March. This involves removing old winter arrangements, refreshing pots with new soil and fertilizer, and ensuring that our installations are primed for the new season. We’re all about making sure when the planting season officially hits, we’re more than ready to bring some life and color back into the city and beyond.

​​This journey from pre-season to planting is a collective effort, involving everyone from nursery staff to gardeners, each playing a crucial role in transforming our shared vision into reality. It’s a meticulous process, from weather monitoring to selecting the perfect plants, all geared towards ensuring that when spring arrives, it does so spectacularly.


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